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Steel Frame swimming pool/rectangular swimming Pool

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Model No:KSD56278                                                        


Specifications of metal frame swimming pool :

swimming is the best alternative in the hot summer is your first choice for leisure outdoor leisure activity, "Super-tough" wai film strength and toughness of the material is a traditional three times outside the two-PVC plastic sheets, laminated for the network cloth material, with greater capacity, more toughness,framework of the rectangular pond on the surface of the stent used to deal with high-quality plating can be maintained all the year round appearance and a strong, simple structures without any aid.

1. Easy to install, without any auxiliary tools (filters, escalator assembly screwdriver)
2. Strong toughness of PVC clip mesh tape is 3 times of traditional materials, two layers of PVC tape, outside interlining for web cloth material, with bigger bearing capacity, stronger toughness
3.Rectangular frame pool stent surface using high quality plating processing, can be kept constantly beautiful and firm.
4.PVC forming fabric with gasoline, oil, and salt water erosion resistance, wear-resisting, compression, fast, has enough bearing capacity.