camping water bag hiking water carrier

Camping water bag hiking water carrier

Product category:camping water bag hiking water carrier


Hydration water carrier is your beat choice for climbing mountains and other outdoor sports.



Material:Eco-friendly PEVA material

Color:dark green


Capacity:100 OZ / 3L

Pvc suction pipe:38.5" length

Dual opeing design:screw cap + sliding opening



Feature of PEVA material

No odor or smell

BPA-free,no any smell of plastic

Food grade certification,absolutely non-toxic

High-grade environmentally friendly PEVA material profiles,with super toughness,anti-bacterial,abrasion and heat resistance characteristics,product line with the US FDA or NSF food grade standards,and the European EN71 free of heavy metals and toxicity test specifications.

Apply options:

Bike trips,camping,hiking and other outdoor sports


Hydration water carrier can't be loaded beverage,wine,milk,etc.,you should use hot water in 30 to 40 degree with some salt before you use hydration wat er carrier in first time,soak for an can withstand water temperature at -20 to 50 degree.


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