Pillow fuel bladder

pillow storage diesel or gasoline tank

Product category:Pillow fuel bladder


Item name:dark green pillow storage diesel or gasoline tank

Model No.:KSD-009

pillow fuel tank collapsible fuel bladder are specially designed for temporary storage fuel, oil, water, chemical and other liquids.The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester.Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both sides. 

Pillow fuel tank collapsible fuel bladder is one kind of vessel which is collapsible or folding one than other plastic barrel and steel tank, it is manufactured from polyurethane coating fabric, which has high strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance and low temperature resistance, after cutting and high frequency welding or heat forming.

collapsible pillow dark green storage diesel or gasoline tank has many advantages,such as light weight, rust resistance, small volume and folded when it is empty, easy to install, transport, lay or remove, strong adaptability,good mechanical property, superior sealing, non-vulnerable after repeated folding, etc. Its weight just is 10% of other steel tank.


This tank is mainly used for temporary and long-term storage of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, general chemicals,lubricating oil,additives,transformer oil,plasticizers,  synthetic reins,detergent,silicates,emulsions,salt solutions,natural latex,synthetic latex,glycerin,printing inks,base oil,glycols,polyols,white oil,herbicide,fertilizers,coconut oil,rust inhibitors, and so on. 

The capacity of pillow fuel tank is 1.00M3 to 800.00M3.

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