Pillow water tank

flexible PVC coated material fire fighting water tank

Product category:Pillow water tank


Item name:flexible PVC coated material fire fighting water tank

Model No.:KSD-006

Material:PVC tarpaulin

Volume:200 to 30000 liter


Features and Advantages:
1. Supply water anywhere anytime
2. Big volume but light weight
3. Easy operation& easy carriage
4. Healthy PVC material



  * Rain Water Collection

  * Temporary Storage

  * Water Treatment

  * Irrigate farmland

  * Fire fighting in forest

  * Residential and Public Storage of Water

  * Defense Water Storage Applications

  * Emergency Storage and Relief

  * Mining


Use Coverage:
Homes, construction zones, fabrics, plant houses, militaries, city halls, etc.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:export carton or as customer's request

The tanks shall be installed inside forests where water tankers cannot reach in short time, so the Fire Departement shoppers can start fighting any potential fire using the water tank available on the site.