Flexible water tank

pvc water storage container

Product category:Flexible water tank


High quality pvc water storage container for rainwater and bathwater

Capacity:200 to 300000 liter



      1.light in weight

      2.easy to carry

      3.environmentally friendly    

      4.8-10years lifespan

      5.small package size

      6.empty water tanks can be folded,compact fold for easy storage 



  * Rain Water Collection

  * Temporary Storage

  * Water Treatment

  * Irrigation

  * Fire fighting in forest

  * Residential and Public Storage of Water

  * Defense Water Storage Applications

  * Emergency Storage and Relief

  * Mining  



1. light weight, easy operation.

2. minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage.

3. no contamination for water, which may guarantee the quality of the material.

**we can accept OEM sevice if you can supply drawings or sample to us!

Packing:carton packing or wooden packing