Flexible water tank

PVC tarpaulin agriculture irrigation water container

Product category:Flexible water tank


Item name:PVC tarpaulin agriculture irrigation water container

Model No.:KSD-005

Material:PVC tarpaulin


Fitting:1pc inlet fitting,1pc outlet valve,1pc air vent and 1pc ground sheet

Capacity:200 to 30,000 liter



Temporary Storage

Water Treatment

Rain Water Collection     

Fire fighting in forest


residential and Public Storage of Water

Defense Water Storage Applications


Emergency Storage and Relief

Fold counterpoise applied of cantilever constructing bridge



1. Light weight, easy operation.

2. Minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage.

3. No contamination for water, which may guarantee the quality of the material.

We can developed new items according to your requirement.OEM orders are welcome.

Packaging Details:     export caton packing