Portable jerry can 7 & 20liter

Fuel Bladders / Storage TanksFlexible

Product category:Portable jerry can 7 & 20liter


Can be used for 4 x 4, boats, Aircraft and Motor Bikes.

The flexible bladders are made from durable materials - Re-Enforced Polyurethane/Thermal Plastics. These materials are puncture resistant, light weight and easy to store.

Size when empty lying flat is 54cm wide x 62 cm high x 1 cm thick , not including spout which is 6cm thick.


burst   pressure more 0.48MPa suitable environmental temperature -41+85 
colordull dark greencarried mediumgasoline,diesel   fuel,avgas, jetA1
air carrying   size620X540mmvertical capacity load size530X460X270mm
inner size of   inlet & outlet36mmhorizontal capacity load size600X480X180mm
drop height4.50msurface resistance 2×109Ω